A global brand that doesn't sleep, we're open 24/7 and always bringing something different with new products dropping daily, bringing you the latest looks for less.
dani-keys recognises individuality. We see you. We embrace it. We make fashion accessible and fun - dani-keys.com is for everyone.

We Sell Quality Because We Care !
We sell only the best products on the market. We test what we sell, and we stand behind it. You won't get that kind of commitment from a part-timer selling cheap products on the web or anywhere else.
We are a 1st class company committed to 100% customer satisfaction. 
Our products come with our satisfaction guarantee. We have a vast number of satisfied customers. We are here to serve you as honestly and efficiently as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at: info@dani-keys.com

What you will not find with dani-keys is a bunch of hype. We don't have a web site that is one big long sales pitch that tries to convince you why we are the best or the biggest. We don't use testimonials from companies that are no longer in business in an effort to help give you that warm fuzzy feeling about us. We won't try to convince you that we are your only choice. We do understand that you are smart, intelligent and can make your own informed buying decisions.

Thank you for your interest and your time.